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Internet Arcade

The Internet Arcade is a web-based library of arcade (coin-operated) video games from the 1970s through to the 1990s, emulated in JSMAME, part of the JSMESS software package.

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Internet Arcade
by Konami
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Circus Charlie (level select set 1) by Konami (1984) Developed by Konami Industry Co. Ltd. Released 1984 Also For Commodore 64, MSX, NES, Wii U Published by Centuri, Inc. Perspective Side view Genre Action Gameplay Arcade Visual 2D scrolling Description You are Charlie, a member of a circus troupe. Your job is to please the crowd by performing five death-defying stunts: Stunt #1: You and the lion must jump through several rings of fire. Remember to avoid the jugs that emit fire. You must do...
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